Thank You next!
Thank you to our (yes our) bomb a** baker Kareem! The Cupkaak Bar did the damn thing! She loved it and more importantly I loved it 😂😂😂😂

If you’re in New York and you’re not getting your cakes and other baked goods made by’re missing out! + He did the table, there was banana pudding cups and macaroons that went like hot cakes. My mom loves his banana pudding. 😊
— Sharee
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Seven Days


Shit was all good on Monday! all I did was pre freak out. I have never had to make this many cakes for one day. 1 3 tire cake, thats 3 fucking cakes ok. One two tire cake AKA 2 cakes, 1 Giraffe cake, one blue velvet Henny cake. and cupcakes banana pudding cake pops blah blah blah.


I baked some more and was 100% over it! I never want to see a fucking oven again! my deep freezer was packed!


Fuck being a baker I hate you hate you. I have some green greatness and coffee and it was like I went and had sex with a bald man in Jamaica! I was all making furniture in shit again. I was making shit loads of Italian Butter cream, which takes a whole damn hour to make. But it holds up well in the heat.


Yes it was all one long ass fucking day, no sleep, store runs, icing cakes, cake popping, fondating, cake stacking, taking grandpa to the hospitaling, gyming, (yes i went to the gym), cake baking (I had one more to bake), cake boxing, cake delivering, eating, sleeping.


Hopped up out my bed, charged my phone up, got on the gram some my cakes said thats whats up! lMAOI am super proud of every cake, there was so much versatility Im just over whelmed with I made that joy! I went to see my grandpa, this guy was very mad! like where you been!? but he got over it. This life is hard bitches but planning helps. I mapped out a plan and stuck to it!

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My side Bitch going all Sharina Hudson on m

Monday thru Friday 9-5 I am supposed to be somebody’s supervisor. i do a great ass job too! I’m not the most on time person but i know the lord so I’m alwsy right on time. It works about 87.653% of the time however Mondays and Fridays kicks my a$$. I leave work and rush to the cake supply store on Friday to get any last min things i forgot to order, get to the kitchen and its on!

WTF hits when my feet start to hurt, the floors are so hard that after a while my feet gets soar in my sneakers. I have to get a mat. Stage two of WTF hits when I start to not find shit thats right in my face. I look everywhere and when the black magic spell wears off and it magically freaking appears.

The sun starts to raise and we enter the leave me the FCUK alone stage. In the stage do not call me, do not ask me anything, do not get in my way, do not look at me, do not ask me if i need help because ur ass cant help me. Right after Leave me the fuck alone comes joy! I start singing in shit, lots of gospel songs I roll up a nice blunt, have some coffee and birth super Kareem.

Super Kareem is in full effect, I’m pumping shit out getting it! feet hurting, hands cramping, joyful joyful and off to delivery and set up. Right back to the kitchen decorate and off we’er off again and then one or 2 more of those.

Than we enter the thank God stage, its sat at like 9pm we eat something amazing and nap and than that stupid ass 5am alarm and Sunday baking and pick ups here we go!

I wake up Monday in supper hell fucking no, IDGAFF mode and I get to work at like 1pm. They used to get mad but I’m like bitch no. U gotta get over this imma be late on Mondays or call out for the rest of my time here. wtf u gonna do? like ugh.

Tuesday I’m a human again. I have to say i am blessed to have a supportive set of people I work with. At first it was a lil rocky until I broke it down to them. However I will say I may be out growing my day job. It’s a scary time. I love the work I do but I am not able to be 100% and the more KA’AK Grows the less time I’ll have. Right now I’m really thinking of asking for a demotion, I’m not trying to die staying up mad hours. I googled what happens to the body when you stay up to long its not cute.

Tell me have any of you dealt with this? what did you do? If not what would you do? Let’s talk about it


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Ugly sweater Party
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