Seven Days


Shit was all good on Monday! all I did was pre freak out. I have never had to make this many cakes for one day. 1 3 tire cake, thats 3 fucking cakes ok. One two tire cake AKA 2 cakes, 1 Giraffe cake, one blue velvet Henny cake. and cupcakes banana pudding cake pops blah blah blah.


I baked some more and was 100% over it! I never want to see a fucking oven again! my deep freezer was packed!


Fuck being a baker I hate you hate you. I have some green greatness and coffee and it was like I went and had sex with a bald man in Jamaica! I was all making furniture in shit again. I was making shit loads of Italian Butter cream, which takes a whole damn hour to make. But it holds up well in the heat.


Yes it was all one long ass fucking day, no sleep, store runs, icing cakes, cake popping, fondating, cake stacking, taking grandpa to the hospitaling, gyming, (yes i went to the gym), cake baking (I had one more to bake), cake boxing, cake delivering, eating, sleeping.


Hopped up out my bed, charged my phone up, got on the gram some my cakes said thats whats up! lMAOI am super proud of every cake, there was so much versatility Im just over whelmed with I made that joy! I went to see my grandpa, this guy was very mad! like where you been!? but he got over it. This life is hard bitches but planning helps. I mapped out a plan and stuck to it!

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