"How You Doin"

When you come home one day and you comment on a pic and you get invited to chill backstage at the Wendy Williams show and get to sit in the show your day ends well. When That person is the founder of Glam 4 Good and Style Guru Mary Alice Stephenson your day is blown away. 

Of course there is more to the story then that, you see maybe 3-4 years ago Mary Alice was Honored at the Love Heals Gala at the Four Seasons where we met and even after partied together and connected. To me she is everything I want to be but in male form, and she's so real and stays connected to the lil people like me. 

So I get there and my name is on the door! like me! Kareem Youngblood! IDC IDC IDC my name was on the door! lol and the rest is history but one of the best times of my life and y'all know KA"AK was in the building! It was Grand! 

As always "Being fly is never hard if its in your blood" so "fork your diet eat KA'AK" lol! 

K. Youngblood 

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