Same Day orders

I love a challenge! I had a hour and a half to pull these guys off and it was fun! On my way home I sent a text "take out the butter, and take them out the box (they get to room temperature faster that way) and turn on the oven pls. I got In from the city and went straight into the kitchen. 15 mins latter we had cupKA'AKs in the oven. While the cupcakes baked I got to work on the icing and 17 mins latter we had cupcakes and icing. Now the cool down I gave them a good 20 mins and that was all we needed! 10 mins after that we had cupKA'AKs packed and ready to go out the door! 

 Need a order the same day just hit me up If i can say yes ill never say no! 

"Fork Ur diet eat KA'AK"

kareem YoungbloodComment