It's my fav time of year! Giving time! Not just iPads and shit or oh how I love you gifts to family and friends. Im talking about the extra acts of kindness, Like when you buy a homeless person Starbucks or you give the kids dancing on the train a 10 dollar bill and don't want any change back. Im always looking for ways to do more and give more of myself to make a difference in everything do, yet I'm only one step away from eating dinner at a soup kitchen or church myself. 

With all of that said I really would love for you guys to help me #KA'AKitforward. so here's the deal if you buy two dozen cupcakes I donate 1 dozen to both a Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner for those who need a lil happiness the most. If you donate to any org and ill give you 30% off any order. If you make a donation to Love Heals the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education ill give you 50% off idc if you donate 5 dollars ill get 50% off.  And if you love KA'AK and want to oder for a holiday party you'll get 25% off all orders over 100 bucks! 

So lets do this people! "Fork ur diet eat KA'AK" 

K. Youngblood

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