Go forth and set thine table!

Save your money! The damn jones on IG don't know your budget! I keep things cheap and fun and full of my character. Fine China can kiss my fine ass! and $5.99 for one plate mat can suck it! With all the money I saved i was able to buy myself a fly gift! Here's the KA'AK MIX 

A = 4 wine glasses made in Italy but found in TJ MAX for $20

B = 4 clear glass plates from Deals for $5 

C = Glitter scrapbook sheets from Michael's $0.50

D = 4 Doggie plates from Marshals on clearance $4.00

E = Pop-up Christmas Tree from Deals $19.00

F = Candle Lantern from Marshals on clearance $26.00

                                                             Total = $74.50

*all the money i didn't spend on a tree and ornaments went to my watch! bam! lol

Best part is if you take  away the tree its perfect for winter. I also used a leather skin I had as a runner. so go outhtere and set ya tables! lol

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