The Baby Shower!

There are a few events In people lives in which cake is really important. Weddings, milestone birthdays, baby showers and the 100th episode of a TV show lol.

Thinking back through my event styling career my biggest events have been Baby showers. One can still been viewed today on Cake Boss season 4 "textiles and toilets". My Biggest goal is to take their breath away, to make their dreams come true. 

I was asked to create celestial themed cupKA'AKS with crescent moons and star toppers for my friends sister baby shower. My first step in any creative process is research; so I hoped on google and looked for some ideas. I saw this photoshoped pic of a cupcake and was hit with inspiration. 


Then I head to the cake supply store with and idea but an open mind, and let it all come to me. What if I hand paint the night sky on some flat topsI thought soon as I saw the dust. The question was can you do that? can you paint on a cupcake? After dropping about $125  on stuff I get home and hop back on google. Can you paint on cupcakes? most pics was of flowers painted on fondant but thats not what I wanted. 


After that i normally say Fuck it and take my ass int he kitchen and bake a 1/2 batch and just try it! this is what I came up with. 

photo 4.JPG

Now One of these takes 15-20 mins to do. I didn't think about that until it was 6am the day of the baby shower and i was on 12 of 18. I finished those at  about 7:30am and then had 18 biggest left to do and 3 dozen minis, but theses were easy I was done that by 8:30am

Then to get to the shower and set up! it was dope! and worth the lack of sleep! after that i had to go to work lol! My life aint been no crystal stair! 

photo 3.JPG
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