supper Blinged RingPOPS!

Really easy but supper stick! Heres what you need:

  • Ring pops(Duh) if you leave next to a DEALS hey got a bag for a buck i think its 4-6 in it.
  • Honey for glue
  • Rock Candy (broken off sticks)
  • Tooth picks
  • Ice tray

the rest need no explanation you, take ur tooth pick get some honey and put the rock candy on the brim. You have to hold it for a while not to long, and you cant use cheap honey. Put them on the ice tray then freeze for about 20-30 mins and bam! ur done. add the to cupcakes or just give them out at a party the options and limitless. So get to making them and when u do post it on ig and use the hastage #IGOTITFROMKAAK

kareem YoungbloodComment