The CupKA'AK Bar
Cake was delicious. Thanks. Will definitely call you for the next party
— Tianna

Welcome to the land of KA’AK

Brooklyn NY


What your name is?

The CupKA'AK Bar pronounced cupcake brings some much-needed bling to the cupcake trend, decorating each sweet morsel with everything from glittery stars to neon shades of pink. All of these A-list adornments are edible, of course, making each bite a multi-sensory experience. Some of the more popular flavors, such as Church Cake and red velvet, skew traditional. But you'd be remiss not to try one of our more inventive creations.


KA’AK 350

KA’AK 350 is where you can find post of my world outside of the oven! Tips, recipes, fitness videos, a look into my stand up comedy career and much more. It is my hope to only uplift, inspire, and crack your the smuck up! I am human with an opinion and a loud voice, I may say somethings the wrong way and use words you may not agree with but Im the most loving person in my world. With that said this blog is prob rated PG IDEK enter at your own risk and don’t be trying to take away my endorsements, or me hosting the AMA’s.

Delicious !!!! Worth gaining the weight!!! Nice presentation and just plain ol’ tasty!!!!
— Bonita C


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